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Do you need immediate assistance?

While Lifepaths Therapy, LLC. offers non-emergent outpatient therapy services, in most cases an urgent appointment is available within 48 hours with myself or one of my colleagues.

If you are having thoughts of hurting yourself,  we want to you to get help immediately.

PLEASE click below to be redirected to the Tennessee Crisis Services website for information on accessing 24/7 crisis phone support, crisis support via text or information for walk-in crisis assessment centers located throughout the state of Tennessee. You may also contact 911 or go to your local emergency department for immediate assistance.

Visit the links below to get help now.

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, call now. Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Calls are with a trained counselor near you, providing support, guidance, and connecting you with community supports.

Why call a Suicide Hotline?
How can I possibly get help over the phone?

You may not realize the truth that nothing can really substitute for human contact - we do need people. Just talking to someone, explaining, sharing, venting, being listened to, can often give us a temporary reprieve. Talking to someone can temporarily change your perspective.  

Human contact changes the brain chemistry and opens our of pent up emotions for temporary relief - and it may not be what is said. The studies show that just the exchange of emotions like empathy, compassion, & concern makes a difference. 

Will they cure you? - No. Will they take the pain away? The goal is that it will ease your pain  long enough for you to start thinking clearly again. 

The only reason they are there is for you. Talk to them, let them listen. The person on the other end of the line may not always say the exact right thing, but they are hoping that somehow they can help you make it through a difficult night, to live & fight another day.

If you know you are in trouble or if you really don't know what is wrong -- whether you think it will help you or not, just call anyway. You may not know how it helped until after you are well, your depression is treated and you look back and see that it really did make a difference.

Why Live?
When You Feel Like Dying? deserve to have a life worth living. Because you have an illness that makes you want to kill yourself. Because you are not just depressed - you have depression. Because - just like with any other illness - you must get treatment to get rid of the symptoms & the pain. Because you can treat depression, even cure it. Because your life has value and can be saved.

Why is this hard to believe? This is because your brain is unwell. It is under-producing positive emotions and over-producing negative emotions. It is poisoning your thoughts and causing you to believe that you must die.

Depression is challenging because the pain clouds your reasoning, happiness, and "will to live" mechanisms - in your heart, in your soul. There is no space in your head & heart for objectivity. It's as though the pain is you. Lost in and disabled by the pain, often we are not able to objectively seek the proper treatment as we would for our injured leg, or to persevere when a treatment fails to help. If you had any other disease, illness, or injury you would accept the pain apply a treatment fight for life wait for healing and expect to get well. Just like with any illness,  you may continue to struggle for a while longer before you get better. 

If You Are Suicidal, You Are Not Thinking Straight.  Your reasoning is impaired and your depression has your brain malfunctioning in a way that fools you. Don't Believe What You Are Thinking and Feeling. The pain is making you think and believe that you have to die. You feel that your life is over and that depression is a terminal illness. But you don't have to die. Scroll back up and click on the link to get help now. I’ll be waiting for your call the next day. 

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