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Utilizing the spiritual resources of faith and prayer are welcomed in any part of your therapy process.

If faith is an important part of your life and you seek a mental health professional who shares these values with you, LifePaths Therapy, LLC may be a good choice for you or your family.


My Christian faith has shaped my therapeutic approach, and I strive to practice with love, compassion and acceptance;  without judgment.  I am also mindful and respectful of my clients’ various religious and spiritual backgrounds. Therapy is a place where we begin with what you bring to session. Integrating your belief system into the therapeutic process is a decision that you make for yourself. I understand the importance of a person’s spiritual belief and practice can have on their emotional and mental well-being, regardless of the faith tradition that you embrace.

Therapists have their own worldview and bring themselves into the therapy room. There are no value-neutral humans and that holds true for therapists too. I believe that the healthiest and most healing kind of relationships are authentic ones. Like a gardener has a shovel as a tool, the tool of the therapist is their authentic and trained selves. That is why it is important that the therapist’s worldview is something that resonates true to your internal values as well. While not all tools are used in every situation, I believe it is important to be transparent with you before you arrive. All of the values I embrace as a Christ-follower are offered to anyone who comes to my office for therapy. My goal is to live in a manner that models both character and spirit of Jesus in what I say and do both in the office and out.

Many clients may be searching for a licensed mental health professional who understands the science behind what is happening that is integrated with the Christian worldview. Even from the Christian worldview, God is the one who created human psychology and fully understands mental health. Utilizing evidenced-based treatment is simply using a different kind of language and perspective that God invented from the beginning. This is a faith-integrated worldview that believes that faith and science can both co-exist and be more powerful together.


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