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Two of the most profound years that I spent were with a therapist who specialized in women’s issues and offered a long-term group for women that met for an entire day once a month. Though we came from different walks of life, we bonded, challenged, supported and loved each other as we walked our own lifepaths as women. 

Throughout the ages, women have been called “the fairer sex.” And yet, when asked about our life experiences, many of us would admit our life’s events haven’t always seemed so fair. Women may experience certain environmental, psychological and biological challenges related to gender that have a significant impact on their mental health and well-being. If not addressed properly, these challenges can turn into burdens that often lead to anxiety, depression and a lost sense of self. The effects can be mild to extreme, and in many cases, women are not able to cope with their issues on their own. By seeking therapy, you can get the help you need with overcoming  issues that cause you to struggle, often in silence.

Some common mental health issues experienced by women include: Mood-related challenges, low self-worth, body image and disordered eating, postpartum depression, perfectionism, self-harming behaviors, abusive relationships and post-traumatic stress.

Within therapy you can learn how to talk about your thoughts and feelings, how to respond to them, and learn new behaviors and coping skills. When you are able to talk about your problems, they become smaller with less hold over your life. When you are able to respond your emotions - without shame - you weaken the destructive behaviors that control your life. When you are able to identify your triggers and warning signs, you can learn how to cope with life’s challenges in a positive and healthy way.

You are not a failure if you seek professional help. Things unravel when left untreated. But that doesn’t mean that it becomes too late. Addressing mental health challenges and developing healthy self-care habits will help you manage life stressors in the future.

I’d be honored to help you learn how to become your best friend, contact me today!

“When women take care of their health, they become their best friend.”
-Maya Angelou

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