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Is your lifepath taking you where you want to be?

Some paths are only discovered by first getting lost. The most challenging paths may need a trusted guide and often lead to the most beautiful destinations.

Share your story.

You do not have to be alone on your journey! Everyone deserves to have and needs someone to lean on, talk to and confide in at times in our lives. We need someone or a group of people to catch us when we fall—and we will fall. We are human after all.


Whatever lifepath you find yourself now, we are available to provide you with a validating and safe environment that includes non-judgment, acceptance, and compassion.


The first step is trusting someone with your story and allowing that person to come alongside you on your journey. We're glad you’re here. We’d love to hear your story. 

Motivational and Quote Themed Village Road Illustration Phone Wallpaper.jpg

Our Specialties





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Families and Relationships


Play therapy for all ages!

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We love everyone!


“I believe that everyone has a story that needs to be heard with compassion and love.  Finding your strength and resilience in that story allows you to build new skills by tapping into your desire, wisdom, and ability to create a life worth living.”
— Stephanie Rogers Viars, LCSW

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