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My services are individualized and customized to your needs. I provide a safe, empowering, assuring environment to tell your story and express your inner most thoughts and feelings. I partner with people just like you because we recognize the unique and personal experience this is. It is my desire to promote self-worth, dignity, and aid in reaching one’s self-determined goals, as well as reflect on their lifepaths and a life worth living.

No two paths are the same, even if we grow up in the same household. We walk through life with various lenses, lessons learned, ideas passed down, and protective mechanisms to keep us safe. I am also convinced that when people are willing to show up and invest themselves in the work of change they will see it happen.​

We want to assure you that there are answers to the challenges you face. There is hope. While our world is rapidly changing around us, we can be left feeling anxious, stressed, alienated and unsure. The good news is that we can find still find stability in the midst of it all. Our goals are to provide a safe place for you to share your concerns, that you will see light in the midst of the darkness, and that you will experience healing in spite of your deepest hurts.

Available state-wide in Tennessee 

Convenient location in Knox County

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