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A little about Julianna...

How my lifepath led me to you

You are here for a reason. Whether you are going through a major life event that you would like to process, need someone to talk to about the everyday stressors of life, or anything in between, I am here for you. Searching for a therapist can feel overwhelming and intimidating. You have now taken a huge step in your healing journey. I am very proud of you, and I hope that you are just as proud of yourself.


I have been working in the mental health and social work field for several years, where I most recently worked with children and teens in the crisis intervention setting. Through this experience, I found a passion for working with teens and young adults process life’s challenges, relationships, transitional periods, and more. I have just completed my graduate program at the University of Kentucky’s Master of Social Work program with a certification in clinical social work, and I am residing and working in Knoxville, Tennessee.


While I individualize sessions to the uniqueness of each client, I often utilize talk therapy techniques from several evidence-based practices, including dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, along with the use of art therapy techniques.


I consider it an honor and privilege to walk side by side with you on your journey. My main goal as a clinician is to build a strong relationship with my clients in a safe environment, so that they may live their best, most fulfilling lives, in whatever capacity that is for them.

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